What does the Professional Review include?

  • One complete review of your essay drafts including: targeted feedback, suggested edits and revisions, and corrections for structure, grammar and spelling.

  • Follow-up emails with Susie for clarification and questions.

  • Special access to customized supplemental material (outlines, worksheets, video recordings, etc.) as needed for reference and support.

Social proof: testimonials

“Susie completed a final edit of my son’s essays. They had already been edited by three people and yet, she still caught many grammatical errors. The google doc correction format she uses was simple to follow and allowed for quick corrections. Her final evaluation of his essays was relevant, helpful and so reassuring! She was personal in her responses and helped my son to feel like he really had a pro on his team! I have four other sons who will all most certainly come to Susie when their time comes to apply for BYU. I can wholeheartedly and without a single reservation recommend Susie and her services! ”

Course curriculum

    1. BYU essay upload for review #1

    2. BYU essay upload for review #2

    3. BYU essay upload for review #3

    4. BYU essay upload for review #4

    5. BYU essay upload for review #5

    6. BYU essay upload for review #6

    7. BYU essay upload for review #7

About this course

  • $425.00
  • 7 complete essay reviews
  • 48 hour turnaround per essay

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