Course materials

    1. Important Disclaimer

    2. BYU Essay Planning Chart

    3. BYU Aims Worksheets

    4. Memory Mining Worksheets (Finding your Best Stories)

    5. Connecting Stories & Aims Worksheets

    1. Meeting Needs BYU Essay Outline

    2. Spiritually Strengthening BYU Essay Outline

    3. Your Contribution BYU Essay Outline

    4. Overcoming Defeat BYU Essay Outline

    5. Engaged Learning BYU Essay Outline

    6. Activities BYU Essays Outlines

    1. Meeting Needs LIVE workshop recording

    2. Spiritually Strengthening LIVE workshop recording

    3. You Contribution LIVE workshop recording

    4. Overcoming Defeat LIVE workshop recording

    5. Engaged Learning LIVE workshop recording

    6. Activities LIVE workshop recording

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