Workshop Video Clips

Susie's Pro Tip: How to connect your story to your Aim. (using the "Meeting Needs" prompt as an example).

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Susie's Pro Tip: How to choose the best stories for your BYU essays (using the "Meeting Needs" prompt as an example).

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Susie's Pro Tip: How to answer each part of a prompt and why it's so important (using the "Meeting Needs" prompt as an example). 

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Read this BEFORE you start writing the BYU application essays

I often get asked, "Is this essay good enough to get my son or daughter in"? With BYU putting an increasing amount of emphasis on the application essays as part of their holistic review process, I understand why people want an expert opinion. But... they're asking the WRONG question at the WRONG time.

How your BYU application essays can make or break your acceptance

The application essays are the most controllable factor you have at this point to meaningfully improve your chances of getting accepted. How do you ensure that your essays showcase your potential, character, values and why you’re a perfect candidate for BYU?

How to write BYU application essays that stand out and get you remembered

The BYU admissions committee reviews over 50,000 essays each fall! How much time do you think admissions officers have to review each essay? So what can you do to make sure that the admissions officers are engaged and connected with the student while reading their essays?