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I graduated from BYU in English and German started my career teaching. In 2007, I started writing professionally; my work has been featured in regional and national publications. I also began helping students with college application essays. The universities and programs my students have been accepted to include: Oxford Study Abroad, Kellogg, BYU MBA, University of Utah Medical School, BYU Provo, and other undergraduate and graduate programs.
After several years exclusively coaching 1:1 clients, I decided to offer more services to more clients by creating College Essay Builder. We provide Comprehensive Application and Essay packages, Common App packages, BYU Provo packages (free with purchase of another package), and Professional Essay Review Packages. These are delivered in on-demand, hybrid, and 1:1 coaching formats.

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I graduated from BYU with an English degree with an emphasis in editing. I'm the author of three full-length biographies which were self-published and are recorded at the Library of Congress. I lived in in the multicultural and multiethnic country of Qatar for 8 years where language and communication were at the forefront of life. I've assisted applicants that have been accepted to the universities of BYU, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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I had a great conversation with Brooke Walker on Studio 5 about how writing our personal histories can benefit both us (especially with mental health) and our loved ones.
Studio 5 with Brooke Walker

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