How your BYU application essays can make or break your acceptance

Every year, being accepted to BYU Provo becomes more difficult.  Last year, for example, only 66% of applicants were accepted. In the future, the acceptance rate will drop in proportion to the increased number of applicants applying for a fixed number of available slots.

By the time students begin their BYU applications, most of the application criteria (grades, test scores, service, extracurricular activities, and so forth) is fixed — it can no longer be changed. Luckily, there's one notable exception to this: the essay section.

In other words, application essays are the most controllable factor you have at this point to meaningfully improve your chances of getting accepted. College application essays can truly make or break your acceptance.

Given how critical the essays are, how do you ensure that your essays showcase your potential, character, values, and why you’re a perfect candidate for BYU?

Don’t leave it to chance.  

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