Read this BEFORE you start writing your BYU application essays

Because of my experience as an English teacher, professional writer and writing coach, I get asked all the time to review college application essays.  And the number one question parents and students want to know is:

Is this good enough to get my son or daughter in?

With BYU putting an increasing amount of emphasis on the application essays as part of their holistic review process, I understand why people want an expert opinion. But I always find myself wishing they had asked for input earlier in the process.

Because … they're asking the wrong question at the wrong time.

The questions students should focus on before they even *start* planning and writing the essays are: 

  • In what way will these essays help me stand out from all of the other thousands of applicants?

  • How will these essays demonstrate my values, character, testimony and potential?

  • How will these essays show that I value the unique mission and Aims of a BYU education?

  • What unique, compelling stories should I share that will help me stand out and get remembered?

If the application essays don’t address these questions, they’re missing the main content the BYU Admissions Committee is looking for.

Given this information, how will you plan and write your BYU essays so they contain all of these elements?

Don’t leave it to chance. 

Get help from an expert who knows what BYU is looking for in application essays. I’ve been helping students write compelling essays for over 15 years and have developed a reliable approach that gives students the templates, guides, videos, and step-by-step instructions they need to write outstanding BYU application essays that stand out and get remembered.

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